Achievements 2017

The invitation to CAST2017 in Nashville was the highlight in speaking 2017. It was a pleasure the have the Gotthard-Talk at CAST. Had a lot of good conversations – and enjoined the city.

It was a dream getting the boat license. I took three courses from ASVZ and had to demonstrate the learned procedures in mid summer. Due to no wind we had to start three times. Got the good result the second time and supporting the colleagues the third time.
Then I was sailing renting a boat from Sailbox. Once experiencing strong winds up to 6+ Bft. Could put in 2 reef, enjoyed the ride a lot.

Let’s Test – First Day – just notes

Keynote bei Ben Simo, reminds of
– Reporting to provoke positive change

Workshop of Ruud Cox and Rikard Edgren
– Modeling is a simplification to handle fe. complexity
– Discussion MB reminds: Testing to search (bugs) vs. testing to learn, we miss other important bugs by searching, SFDPO

Lou Perold – Non Violent Communication – Gewaltfreie Kommunikation
by Marshall Rosenberg
– see grafics
Iain McCowatt: It is always important to define who is alpha at the beginning
-ask back to check war arrived at recipient
– Positive Action Language

Let’s Test – Travel

The voyage to Sthlm was upcoming and I had different feelings about it. Being pretty exhausted it seems kind of an effort, but having planned for a long time I’m also looking forward to it.
The flight itself was ok, the plane was a bit delayed because of an late incoming aircraft – and then they even had to stow some food… The final approach was kind of bumpy… On ground I met Duncs, we took the car and drove to Runö. It was a very warm welcome at the site. I love these open and caring testers. The daylight was long there – as normal in Sweden. I was not so used to it, but I was even less used to the very early dawn. Tried to make something with the day I got an early breakfast and left for the city. There I’ve been to Gamla Stan – everything is as always, except the marathon preparations. Afterwards I went to the island of Djurgarden. There I visited Skansen and saw some beautiful flowers, spoke to the engraver and bought some souvenirs. A quick visit to the technical museums shop and then back to Runö, where I had some good chats with awesome testers. Looking forward for tomorrow when the presentations start.