Let’s Test – Travel

The voyage to Sthlm was upcoming and I had different feelings about it. Being pretty exhausted it seems kind of an effort, but having planned for a long time I’m also looking forward to it.
The flight itself was ok, the plane was a bit delayed because of an late incoming aircraft – and then they even had to stow some food… The final approach was kind of bumpy… On ground I met Duncs, we took the car and drove to Runö. It was a very warm welcome at the site. I love these open and caring testers. The daylight was long there – as normal in Sweden. I was not so used to it, but I was even less used to the very early dawn. Tried to make something with the day I got an early breakfast and left for the city. There I’ve been to Gamla Stan – everything is as always, except the marathon preparations. Afterwards I went to the island of Djurgarden. There I visited Skansen and saw some beautiful flowers, spoke to the engraver and bought some souvenirs. A quick visit to the technical museums shop and then back to Runö, where I had some good chats with awesome testers. Looking forward for tomorrow when the presentations start.

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