Interesting people and links to testing stuff

Interesting people and links to testing stuff I want to share

Michael Bolton -
James Bach -
Ilari Aegerter -
Sandro Ibig -
Aleksis Tulonen -
Jari Laakso -
Anders Dinsen - 
Stephen Janaway -
Parimala Hariprasad -
Kristoffer Nordström -
Fiona Charles -
Martin Nilsson -
Griffin Jones -
Lee Copeland -
Ian McCowatt -
Claire Moss -
Henrik Andersson -
Huib Schoots -
Carsten Feilberg -
Markus Gärtner -
Lisa Crispin -
and many more without webpage :-)
we had good discussions this year. thanks a lot!


The best testing conference in Switzerland

Good known testing conferences in Europe
Let’s Test -
EuroSTAR -


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